Release Date 05/01/2013

Version 3.2 Tested On Ubuntu 10.04-12.04 Mint 12-13 (Will Not Run On Newer Than 12.04lts Ubuntu!)

Tux Plot V4 Is Finished!! (Help.pdf Is The Last Task To Complete) Target Release Date Is July-2016

Tux Plot V4 will run on ALL versions Ubuntu/Mint. (A Long Term Support Version Strongly Recommended Like 14.04lts)

Click Here For Version 4 Preview Videos/Snapshots

Click Image Below To Download Version 3.2

Click Here For Installation Help.

Search YouTube for help videos on Tux Plot.

V 3.2 Latest 05/01/2013

Just Reinstall Over Older Version

* Updated help.pdf.

* Compensates Box Weed for machines that only use one pen color command(US Cutter and Others).

* Added support for Tux Cut cnc controller (Gcode).

* Many new functions in regards to Gcode/TuxCut.

* Added VERY handy "Quick Set" function to allow applying saved machine settings to present job.

* Jobs 1-4 maintain individual settings so multiple jobs to multiple machines are now possible.

* Additional pop up warnings.

* Abilty to change the LCD colors in Tux Plot.

* Auto save function added to save each plot job sent to machine in tux-plot-jobs folder.

* If your input file is an .svg "Remove BBox" button will remove the bounding box placing your job in the extreme lower left of your media.

* Edited Install script to accomodate missing ports on pc.

* Install script for one or more TuxCut cnc boards (tux_cut-setup.sh or from Tux Plot button).

* Simple log file access via "Configure Settings" button.

* Toggle HPGL or Gcode output turns on/off more functions that are or not needed.

* More info tips in the "Info Bar"..

* Plot history via "Configure Settings" button.


Download Version 3.2 tar file here:

Help PDF is here:

Please REBOOT after the install!

Download Handy Nautilus Scripts: (updated for Pstoedit v3.61 01/10/13)

Many More Helpful Scripts

Download Inkscape Extensions Here For Fills (engraving/milling) And Gcode Generation

Help Pages

Using Fill Lines In Inkscape/Tux Plot Even If Your Machine Does Not Support Them.

How To Install Your Cutter/Engraver With Cups (Including USB>Serial).

How To Setup Web Cams For Views In Tux Plot.

How To Use Multi Color Plotter Pens With Your Vinyl Cutter.

---In A Nutshell---

A powerful GUI window that will take a .ps .plt .svg or .pdf file dropped printed or saved to your “hpgl-hot-folder” convert it to HPGL and allow modifications to the hpgl code from selections chosen from the above Gui window. It is designed to drive practiclly all HPGL devices new and old models. Devices like plotters/engravers/routers/vinyl cutters/plasma cutters can easily be used and the scripts are very easy to edit for your particular command set.

Help PDF explains the features included with the tar file.

Previous solutions can be found here:

Help PDF is here:


Use Postscript level 2 or 3 when sending jobs.

Google for using and creating "Templates" for your favorite application, it makes creation so much faster.

In synaptic download nautilus-gksu package so you can right click on any file and edit it as the administrator.

Make a bookmark in nautilus to your hpgl-hot-folder makes selecting "save to" locations from all apps very easy.

When installing your cutter/engraver/router etc always use the generic "RAW" driver in cups and don't use any spaces or hyphens in the name.


Any fills will be stripped when sent to Tux Plot but try not to use them for cutters/engravers.

To add a custom paper/vinyl size to sk1 edit as administrator /usr/local/lib/pythonx.x/dist-packages/sk1/app/Graphics/papersize.py and near the bottom under US sizes add you media sizes in inches and they will be converted internally.


After adjusting a blank document properties to size,orientation,units of measure etc save as inkscape svg and copy to .config/inkscape/templates for easy retrival

When doing a "save as" .ps .pdf .svg to your "hot-folder" make sure you have checked in the inkscape pop-up window "export area is page" and "convert text to paths", uncheck the other items.


How to use your 3D mill/engraver with Rolands Modela and 3D engrave in wine.

How to print directly from Corel Draw (wine) to your postscript printer.

Very old ways to use your hpgl device with inkscape.

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