Tux Plot v4.52 HPGL Devices:

HPGL versions in Tux Plot include hpgl (generic), roland engraver, graphtec (gpgl), silhouette cameo (gpgl), us cutter, newstar, rabbit, redsail, mimaki etc..

Vinyl cutters use generic hpgl or a customized form of hpgl as their control language also some cutters may use DMPL.

Pen plotters use generic hpgl as their control language.

Roland engravers use a custom version of hpgl.

Tux Plot v4.52 Gcode Devices:

Plasma tables and routers use Gcode (generic) as their control language but syntax can vary from one manufacturer to another!

The smoothie and tux cutter cnc controller cards have specific entries in Tux Plot v4.52 to take advantage of the advanced features of this particular Gcode version.

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