Customer Supplied Hard Drive For Remote Ubuntu Install

If your fed up with the inherent weaknesses and vulnerabilities of other operating systems it may be time to make a change to Ubuntu.

You can send via mail/courier your hard drive to SecureTech where your selected files will be saved and restored to your newly installed Ubuntu.

Not just an Ubuntu install but also 3 hours of intensive desktop and Ubuntu enhancements are done so the user can concentrate on enjoying the internet again at first boot and not worry about virus/spyware attacks!

Choose between Ubuntu 14.04 (updates till 2019) or Ubuntu 16.04 (updates till 2021) for business I recommend 14.04 due to it's maturity and stability, 16.04 is still quite new.

If needed SecureTech can do remote controlled configuration/repairs/lessons on Ubuntu computers anywhere in the world.

When you receive your hard drive just install the drive and boot up! That's it......

A small 20 page quick reference flyer pdf will be included but I recommend viewing the “Desktop Demo” videos available on the Securetech website.

$125 (paypal) plus return postage.

Hard Drive Mail-In Form

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