Tux Plot v4.51 New Features

Zoomable Tux Plot main window (and sub windows) to compensate for extreme high or low resolution desktops

This feature is found in “Tux Plot Settings” panel

Help system based on what your doing in Tux Plot and your location

Help can be activated by clicking the ? found throughout Tux Plot

Repeat cuts feature is in the main window

Repeat cuts will repeat your plot job as many times as you like, used with very thick media

Tux Plot print and cut

This feature allows print and cut on cutters that do not support built-in contour cuts (see YouTube video)

Keyboard arrow key jogging

With this feature enabled it allows jogging to align with print and cut marks with a wireless keyboard or laptop in addition to the Tux Plot jog arrows

Silhouette Cameo3 support

The Cameo3 is supported in all ways (except blue-tooth) with some unique features and options (see YouTube video)

Test cuts

Test cuts similar to most vinyl cutting applications

Simplified Inkscape extensions for both Cameo and Tux Plot print and cut

Removed some confusing features and streamlined these extensions

One click backup of profiles, custom media sizes, custom media presets

Easy one click backup/restore of all your important settings you have spent time customizing

Fully customizable media type presets and media sizes

You can add custom presets for media size and type based on your particular cutter abilities or your preferences

Mirror or flip your design

For stencil cutting you can use the flip (horizontal or vertical) option found in advanced edits

Tool radius compensation (in development)

Compensate cut for diameter of end mill (cnc) choice of either inside or outside tool compensation

This feature is nearing completion