Setting Up Your Cutter

Your cutter most likely can support both HPGL and DMPL commands. Some cutters “auto sense” the commands and switch to use the incoming HPGL or DMPL , because HPGL tends to be adhered to more strictly than DMPL standards I highly recommend using your cutter control panel to use HPGL (if possible) as it's expected command set and select “HPGL (Generic)” or “Your Cutter Model (HPGL)” as your post processor in your Tux Plot cutter profile.

Cutter Control Panel

Note: Graphtec cutters should also have “Move With Pen Up” enabled in the control menus found in the commands section.

By far the most troublesome aspect of using a cutting device is the usb interface and Linux!

This is not really a Tux Plot issue as Tux Plot expects a fully working interfaced cutter to be available (preferably as a “cups” printer). In the case of more expensive cutters such as Roland, Graphtec, Silhouette Cameo etc this is generally not an issue as they are readily recognized. However some imported cutters can be a lot of work to get the usb port (or usb>serial adaptor) working. If your using a real serial or parallel port on your pc then there is far less trouble getting it to interface with your cutter. With your usb>serial or usb cutter plugged in (all other usb printers/cutters unplugged) open your “add printer” in Ubuntu/Mint and if you see a /dev/ttyUSBx port or a listing using the actual cutter model then select that port as your cutter port.

Help is available via remote control of your PC if you wish for a small fee.

Select your post processor in your Tux Plot cutter profile that best matches your cutter model.

Note: Try to design your cut job in Inkscape, CorelDraw etc in Landscape mode and then use landscape “Media Box” view in Tux Plot as this is more visually logical when you load your media in your cutter in portrait mode the lower left (starting point) is located at the cutter “Home” or “Lower Left” position.

If you plan on using the Inkscape extensions for Tux Plot “print and cut” or the specialized Silhouette Cameo extension install them by selecting from the “Tools” the extension installation selection.

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