Tux Plot v4.52 Release Date 04-15-2019

Tux Plot is a highly configurable wysiwyg (view REAL hpgl code in real time) interface for a variety of cutting devices. It is designed to be an intermediate stage between your graphics design application (Inkscape, CorelDraw, Illustrator etc..) and your cutting device. It will accept a file from your design application locally or via network in the form of .ps .pdf .svg .eps .plt.

Tux Plot runs on modern Debian based Linux distributions (20.04 has problems, for now) and has been extensively tested on Ubuntu 14.04/16.04/18.04 and Mint 17/18/19 (only "Long Term Support" versions recommended!).

Tux Plot has been created with small business/shop in mind. My 30 years experience in the computerized engraving industry has given me the insight to provide features and functions in Tux Plot most busy and diverse shops will appreciate and use effectively. New feature requests are always welcome and appreciated!

Supported Devices

The list of supported devices continues to grow including:

most vinyl cutters

most generic hpgl devices

roland engravers (mode2)

graphtec (gpgl) or (hpgl)

silhouette cameo/portrait (gpgl) with print and cut

routers and plasma tables

generic gcode cnc devices

smoothie/tux cutter gcode cnc controllers

pen plotters