Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 Long Term Support Versions

(16.04 recommended for business use)

* very secure and reliable (crashing and freezing is almost unheard of)

* replace virus/spyware prone operating systems

* stream movies/tv from internet

* three hour custom configuration of desktop and ubuntu

* hardened virus proof security

* much safer online banking

* thousands of free apps (some are not)

* custom install based on your needs

* home/office/industrial installs

* ubuntu itself as an operating system is free

* lots of help videos on youtube and securetech is always here via email

* runs FAST on older hardware

* updates are good for five years from day of release

* backup and restore your pictures, documents etc at install time

* cctv security camera ready

* in store installs or customer supplied hard drive via mail

pdf for customer supplied hard drive installs

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