Tux Plot v4.52 Changes

1) Fix job image not displaying in Tux Plot, only when Tux Plot pops up when doing a “save as” to your hpgl-hot-folder.

This error was introduced by recent changes via updates to the Ghost-script libraries that is installed in most Linux distributions. Tux Plot relies on Ghost-script to display your job in the Tux Plot image window.

This Ghost-script fix has been applied to Tux Plot v4.52!

2) Introduced option crosshatch fill pattern.

3) Cosmetic and script improvements.

4) Minor Cameo 3 control panel improvements and auto reminders.

5) Infobar warning if your vinyl cutter is not powered on.

6) Auto sense Debian or Ubuntu/Mint for minor Tux Plot adjustments.

7) Arc segment quality adjustments found in Tux Plot settings allowing for quality of curves from lowest quality (media like cork, fabric etc) to extreme quality used when engraving media that requires high quality arcs.

7) Fix for weed box for some fussy inexpensive vinyl cutters.

8) Fix for media box for some fussy inexpensive vinyl cutters.

9) Improvements to the Inkscape extensions included with Tux Plot (Graphtec ARMS).

10) Support for Graphtec ARMS introduced in "Registration Marks" shared with Tux Plot Silhouette pop-out panel.

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